Saturday, 6 August 2011

Indie Alldayer - Stanmer Park Brighton, 27 May 1995

The Indie all-dayer took place in a big tent in Stanmer Park.  There was a stage at either end of the tent and the idea was that there would be almost non-stop music because as a band played on one stage the other could be prepared for the following act. Pretty neat idea huh?  Guaranteed to keep dry and limited hanging about between bands, myself, the GLW and our Matt (then aged 11) went along to check it out.

I remember being mightily impressed by Reef, let down by S*M*A*S*H who didn't turn up (a narrow escape), and terrified by Skin from Skunk Anansie who prowled the stage like a caged tiger.  A black, bald, lesbian tiger.  I remember very little about Dodgy (went down well with the GLW), Lightning Seeds (popular with Matt), Teenage Fanclub (highly recommended by my mate Mark but a bit too light and jangly for me) and Gene.  Pop Will Eat Itself however, were excellent.  I'd been a fan for a while and they didn't let me down.  High energy, loud guitars, beats and samples and lots of jumping up and down on the spot.  Nice.  The Charlatans played the hits and Carter USM had added a drummer to the group, which I thought was odd given that they previously relied so heavily on the sound of a drum machine.

Note that the ticket still has the stub attached.  Clearly I did not take advantage of the generous offer of £1 off at HMV on any CD or Video costing £11.99 or more.  Note for the teenagers, CDs and videos are how we used to get music and films before iTunes, youtube and lime wire.

Video is Carter USM - Sheriff Fatman live in Zagreb 1994