Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Wildhearts - London Kentish Town Forum 27 March 1994

This is a ticket for the 'Full Roar 94' tour date at The Forum - a venue that I will always think of as the Town and Country Club.  Note the missing definite article in the band name.  The special guests were Baby Chaos - no, me neither.

Their debut album Earth vs The Wildhearts contains some amazing tracks including some personal desert island contenders in Greetings from Shitsville, TV Tan, Suckerpunch and Caffeine Bomb (on the re-released version at least).  Ginger has a real knack for writing crunchy songs with a catchy melody that also rock like a bastard.

Toby rode shotgun for this one and he reminded me recently that we stood at the bottom of the stairs to the right of the stage. In addition to a great view of the show we were also able to enjoy watching one overly refreshed punter honk on the floor and someone else slip over in it.  True story.

Anyway, to more relevant details... It's always a risk going to see a band who have only released one album, however good they are.  I have seen bands come out for the encore and play two songs for a second time because they didn't have enough material.  However I am pleased to report that The Wildhearts did not disappoint. High energy - check.  Riff after riff - check. Ginger in a white dinner jacket and bow tie with his pvc trousers - check.  The performance of Suckerpunch was filmed for later use in a promo video - see below although embedding has been disabled so you'll have to view it on youtube. Look out for the continuity spoiling inserts of Ginger singing. Where did those sunglasses come from?

I've not seen The Wildhearts since and to be honest, later albums didn't grab my interest like the debut.  Nevertheless, they'll always hold a place in my heart for the strength of those early singles and this live show.

The Wildhearts - Suckerpunch