Friday, 25 January 2013

Pantera: Town and Country Club, 11 February 1993

Pantera 11-02-93
This ticket has the band name set out in a font I've not seen used on any album or T shirt. This is something that is reasonably common on my tickets and makes me wonder why they would do it. How much extra effort would it take to use the official recognisable band logo? Perhaps it's just a timing thing - the promoter wants the tickets printed and distributed before the band's management have supplied the appropriate artwork. Perhaps hey just didn't think it was important. Who knows? Also note that the ticket shows the 'on the door' ticket price, which is odd. Pantera were incredibly popular amongst  metalheads at the time and the idea that they would not sell out a modest sized venue like the T&CC seems unduly pessimistic. I certainly don't remember there being much space.

Anyway, Toby came with me for this one. He had seen Pantera play at the Marquee the previous year. He told me how great the show had been; how venue security had clearly decided to take the night off; how crazy the mosh pit got; how he and another guy rescued someone from the floor and how Phil had encouraged people on to the stage and he had his first experience of stage diving. None of this adequately prepared me for the ferocity of this show. Pantera played with an intensity that scorched my eyeballs and welded them to the back of my skull. It was like staring into a furnace for an hour and a half. I can't write well enough to describe what it was like but by crikey they were good. And we had my favourite viewpoint at the T&CC too - downstairs on the bar level, at the front next to the mixing desk. It's perfect. You can see right across the top of the pit in front of you - the best view in the house and the best sound. All in all a top ten gig for sure.