Friday, 23 March 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Brixton Academy 6 June 1990

This was the Mothers Milk tour that came to the UK two/three times in 1990 according to

My first exposure to RHCP was buying the Knock Me Down 7" single from the discounted box on the floor in Stylus in Hastings in 1989 purely because I liked the name.  That said I didn't like the track and promptly forgot about it.  Fast forward to early 1990 when I saw Anthony and Flea interviewed on Raw Power which also showed video clips of the new single Higher Ground and Fight Like A Brave.  I was really taken with their sense of humour, the energy in the music and the powerful mix of rock and funk.  I was hooked.  Mothers Milk had failed to chart and so wasn't available in any local shops so I wound up buying the CD on import from Tower Records in Piccadilly.

As for the gig... yes, well, uummmm.  Nope, don't remember a thing about it - heaven knows I wish I did - not even who I went with, but I suspect my brother was there.  It was probably good though, don't you think?

RHCP - Out in LA live at the Pinkpop Festival 1990