Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Almighty: Town and Country Club 2 July 1990

Capital Radio Coca Cola Music Festival presents The Almighty and special guests. Just look at the perspective on that logo. Powerful stuff in a 'look what I did on my Commodore 64' kind of way, I'm sure you'll agree.

I have no recollection of the special guests. The fact that I had ticket number 004 should give you an idea of how poorly attended this show was. I distinctly remember there being plenty of elbow room, but not much else about the show.

Toby and I went along on the strength of their first album Blood Fire and Love, which had come out the previous year. It's one of the albums I had on vinyl but never replaced on CD, so before writing this I went back to Spotify to remind myself what they sound like. I remember really loving that album and yet I have not listened to these tracks in probably almost 20 years. Hearing it again now, it's nothing remarkable but they had some catchy riff-heavy songs with sing along choruses. I'm surprised they don't get more airplay on Planet Rock. Ricky Warwick's gravelly voice is pretty cool if you can get past the mid-Atlantic accent, and he's doing alright for himself these days singing with the reformed Thin Lizzy and more recently the Black Star Riders. Drummer Stumpy Munroe is possibly less in demand. Classic Rock reported in February that the band were going to release some new material this year to mark their 25th anniversary.

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